The Baseus mini pump is a reliable travel companion. Thanks to it, you will never be surprised by the lack of air in your tire or ball again – you will instantly inflate them and get the possibility to use them again. Measuring just 13 cm, offering intelligent pressure measurement, comfortable to use and solidly constructed – it is the perfect answer to all your needs and will work in many different scenarios. 

Wide range of applications

It is always good to have a functional small pump with you. Lack of air in the tire when you are going to work, problems with bicycle tubes during a trip or an improperly inflated ball just before an important game – these are just a few examples of situations in which this practical device can be useful to you. With its help you will save yourself from stress and quickly get rid of problems.

Always with you

The small height of 130 mm and light weight make it easy to transport the pump and have it always at hand. You can fit it in your bag or backpack or even in your pocket. Thanks to this you can easily meet unexpected challenges.

Be in control

The pump is equipped with an LED screen that displays the results of digital pressure measurements. The device measures this value quickly and precisely in real time, giving you access to all necessary information and full control.

Intelligent operation

That’s not all! The device also enables intelligent pumping. Simply set the desired pressure and let the pump work – once the desired value is reached, operation will automatically stop. With Baseus you also get the possibility to adjust the pressure manually. All this ensures that you always inflate your tires exactly as you need to and enjoy a comfortable ride.

Reliable engine

What is responsible for reliable operation? A powerful, copper, magnetic motor. It guarantees exceptional pumping performance. It is also resistant to high temperatures, so that even when it reaches huge speeds, there is no risk of overheating.

Wireless and efficient

2 built-in lithium batteries 18650 mAh ensure wireless, comfortable and efficient operation. Thanks to them you can quickly inflate car tires 1.5 times, bicycle tubes 8 times, and the ball 54 times!

Replaceable tips always at hand

The pump is also exceptionally well-designed. It is equipped with a special space to store interchangeable tips, which you will find in the set. Their transport is therefore extremely simple and convenient – you can always have them at hand. Whether you need to inflate a ball, a car tire or a bicycle tube, Baseus offers you all the necessary tools.

NameBaseus Dynamic Eye Inflator Pump
Current6A Max.
Power45W Max.
Charging time3 h
Battery pack18650 x 2, 2000 mAh each
Pressure gauge range5-150 PSI
Operating environment temperature-10-60°C