8 Liter Mini Fridge For Home And Car Portable Fridge Baseus Single Door Refrigerator. It is portable and can be brought anywhere.


• Get warm in the winter and cool in the summer

• Exquisite and perfectly shaped, Improve your quality of life

• Prevent the deterioration of cosmetics due to temperature

• For both the car and the home

• 8 liters capacity to meet daily needs


• trade mark: pesos

• The name: Zero Space Refrigerator (preserve the winter heat 8 liters and cool in the summer)

• Sample: CRBX01

• energy: 60 watts

• Capacity: 8L

Cooling temperature difference: 25°C

• the size: 360 x 275 x 290 mm

• the weight: 3.5 kg

• Suitable location: desktop / car