Magnetic Car Mount

Magnets are important for car mounts, it makes car mounts more reliable,x6 magnets magnetic car mount will help you to never fall again your phone or be worried about your phone, it’s washable so you can clean your car mount every time you want, with high-quality materials and rotating joints you will be sure about your x6 magnets magnetic car mount life span. This powerful car mount can protect you phone from any possible accidental falling due to its amazing Magnets.

Magnetic Car Mount

This magnetic air vent is washable and you can wash it whenever you want. With its six-strong magnets, you can be sure that your phone is never going to drop. On the other hand, after a while you used this product, you will think that your phone is like attaching to it due to its anti-slip ability. You don’t need to handle your phone while you are driving and want to look at the map, just put it on the Porodo Magnetic car Mount where you feel more comfortable and go on. This magnetic mount is in universal mode and can be rotated at 360° which means that you can use your phone vertically or horizontally.

Porodo Car Mount, Aluminum Magnetic Car Mount Air-vent & Stick-on Holder Combo Mount Dashboard Mobile Phone Holder

  • Six Powerful N52 4X12mm Magnets help support all mobile devices.
  • Material used : PC + ABS Aluminium alloy, Silicone.
  • Reliable. High quality adhesive and rotating joints.
  • Assemble and use with ease.

Product Information

  • Aluminum Frame
  • Quick & Easy
  • Universal
  • 360° rotate

Tech Specs

  • Re-Washable stick-on base
  • x2 Metal back plates included
  • 3700G holding weight
  • x6 Embedded Magnets