Promate VOLTRIP-I.BLK 3.4A Dual Car Charger with USB-A Port & Lightning Charging Cable. Charge 2 Devices Simultaneously. Safe Voltage Regulation. Protection Against Over Heating. Colour Black.

Voltrip-i is a 3.4A car charger with a built-in Lightning cable and USB charging port that ensures you never run out of battery while driving. Its USB output is universal and can be used to charge any USB powered device. It protects your devices from over-charging and short-circuit. It is made from fireproof material which keeps your charger safe in the most adverse conditions
– Ultra-Small Body, uts small body uses the least amount of space and makes room for other accessories
– Carbon Fiber Design, the modern carbon fiber design complements any car interior
– Built-in Lightning Cable, forget your Lightning Connector charging cables at home, as this car charger features a coiled cable with Lightning Connector
– Universal, VolTrip-i supports all USB chargeable devices and devices with Lightning Connector
– Adaptive Charging Technology, USB charging ouputs adapt to your devices to provide the safest maximum charging output per port
– Multi protection, it protects your devices from over-charging and short-circuit

12-24V DC

Total Output:

Total Output USB Port:
5V, 2.4A

Total Output USB-C Cable:
5V, 1A

Input interface:
Car lighter adapter

Output interface:
USB Port, USB-C Cable

USB Port, Lightning Connector Cable