Valuable Dental Care Collection: The mine contains the 5020 water floss device + electronic toothbrush A11

Advantages of toothbrush A11

Perfect anti-slip design
40,000 movements per minute for a perfect cleaning equivalent to what a regular toothbrush cleans in a week
Temporary to organize the process of cleaning teeth
Works by charging through USB connection
Only 4 hours – enough to use for a month without charging

Device Accessories

Toothbrush handle
4 changeable heads
USB connection
Instruction Manual

Advantages of the water thread device5020i

It removes 99.99% of deeply hidden food residues, effectively massages the gums and promotes blood circulation and is useful for treating bleeding gums and bad breath and for bridge care.
Waterproof design
Removes lime by 99%
Works via a 4-hour USB charging connection that lasts 30 days of use
Large water tank with a capacity of 300ml
3 operating systems to fit your teeth and gums

Rotatable head 360°

High pressure pulse technology for deep cleaning of each angle with an accuracy of 1400-1800 water columns per minute
Cleans tongue, braces, Hollywood smile, prostheses, fillings, dental implants and veneers

Device Accessories

4 heads to switch – dentists recommend replacing the head of the device every three months
USB Charging Connection
Instruction Manual

How to use

Fill the water tank with enough water – Tank capacity 300ml – Choose the cleaning head – Choose the right level of pressure – Place the device inside the mouth and start brushing the teeth

Warning: Please choose the flexible mode when using dental floss the first time

One year warranty from the date of purchase

Country of manufacture – China

German pieces