Manufactured with Japanese materials (VIP) that protects against falls. It contains 8 main products designed to keep the mobile phone new. It has been tested with the highest standards and the harshest conditions. It includes two transparent nanotechnology screens and screen protectors + thermal stickers for the back and sides, and we added an innovative magnetic smart grip that combines many features to facilitate the use of your mobile phone. It contains a transparent cover with camera protection and a car magnet. The package also comes with a wrist strap for mobile charging and data transfer.

Product Description :
✔ 2 front stickers of nano (transparent – hooks).

✔ Thermal sticker for the background and sides.

✔ Camera protection.

✔ Transparent back cover.

✔ Back grip for the phone made of cloth and containing magnets.

✔ A strong magnetic piece that is fixed by adhesive.

✔ Classic leather wristband for mobile charging and data transfer


Product features:
✔ Shock and shatter resistant

✔ Protection and high quality with the highest 9H technology.

✔ Protection from dust and water leakage.

✔ High clarity and resolution of the screen.

✔ A special grip for the phone made of cloth and contains magnets to install it on surfaces.

✔ Transparent back cover with a luxurious design and stronger protection against shocks.

✔ A bracelet made of leather to charge the iPhone and transfer information to computers.

✔ Strong magnets attached to surfaces via 3M adhesive.

✔ Manufactured with Japanese materials.