Do you often suffer from headaches and red eyes from the long hours on screen? Exposure to harmful rays from cell phones, tablets, computers, TVs, and even modern LED lighting can ruin your sleep and cause permanent damage to your eyes. Xiaomi TS protective glasses against harmful rays have special technology to block harmful rays up to 35%. They have an advanced nanometer technology lens, while ensuring that the safe rays penetrate. Soothes eyes and improves color resolution. Its careful design allows you to adjust the nose pillow as it suits you while at the same time it is very light with a simple style and ideal for those who use digital products for a long time. They are durable as they are made of high strength TR90 material.
– Frame material: TR90
– Lens construction material: PC
– Frame color: Black

Code: 6934177707285

Part Number: DMU4047TY, DMU4060GL, HMJ01TS

EAN Code: 6934177707285

Packing: Blister