Completely plug and play, compatible with iOS 11.3, and with an 8-pin charging port, you don’t need to worry about not enough power when transferring photos or videos. (Cannot be used to copy)

Please note

USB adapter, if the camera is over 100mAh, it may not work.

SD card / TF card port and interface USB cannot be used at the same time.

If transferring from a TF card, SD card, or USB disk, please create a folder named DCIM on the memory card.

Please note

This camera connection adapter can only transmit video and pictures.

If you are transferring from a memory card, you should create a folder named DCIM, then save the images in the folder and rename each photo or video file format, such as “MVI_XXXX”, otherwise it will not succeed. Read.

For example, if you have only one JPG and MOV file, please name them MVI_0001.JPG and MVI_0002.MOV.

If the current of the USB device exceeds 100mAh, it may not work.

When transferring photos, you can charge your iPhone / iPad / iPod Touch at the same time.

Bring convenience to your life

Connect to PC keyboard for fast typing in iPhone / iPad.

Connect to SD / TF card without any application, just plug and play. Easily send photos from your card to your iPhone / iPad.

Directly connect a camera or another iPhone. No more need for a memory card to transfer pictures. Save time and very convenient.