Original Incendio Wand, Bone Wand,Shoots Real Fireballs, The Best Magic Wand

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1) Can it work on with any type of paper? -No, It needs Magic Paper. You can purchase it anytime from us. 2) How Many Fireballs Can I Launch? -As long as you have Magic Paper and a spell book, you can charge up and cast incendio! 3) How does it generate the fireball? The wand has a built-in heater which can launch the magic paper ball and cook it within seconds (Just charge the wand to ensure it works!) 4) How do I use it? -By pressing the button! "Yer a wizard Harry." 5) Is it safe? Please ensure you only use this product with the presence of someone who is 18+ The magic paper is very safe and burns almost instantly, Please be careful and responsible when using this product. 6) What is it made out of?: Material: metal, Handmade Range: 10-25 feet, the bigger the ball of paper, the farther the fireball flies Charging method: USB Magic wand Incendio. Cast the spell "Incendio" while pressing the button outside, and it will shoot small fireballs. Includes wand + magic paper The paper gives up to 100 times Fireball flies up to 10-25 feet. The bigger the paper balls, the farther the fireballs fly. Suitable for cosplays and magic tricks. Includes a USB charger. Non-suitable for children.

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